Image of Venus – Feminine Charm Pendant

Venus – Feminine Charm Pendant


Release your feminine charms and the world will lay at your feet.

Based on the painting “Venus” by world renowned Energy Artist Julia, this pendant captures the powerful metaphysical forces of female beauty and persuasion that increasingly guide today’s society.


We are offering this beautiful pendant, size 1.75" x 1" inches. Just click "Add To Cart" above. Hand made with loving care. Chakra balanced and energy enhanced by the artist. Fired resinated glass, ground opal, on stainless. Argentium silver plate bale. Pendant only. Item is not sold with a chain.


Venus a Roman goddess embodies the energy of female influence and charm. She is often referred to as the goddess of sex, love, beauty, desire, enticement, and seduction. At the same time she often served the role of bringing virtue back into relationships.

The favor of Venus was sought throughout the Roman Empire by both men and women, and numerous secret societies arose that embraced the metaphysical powers represented by Venus.

In today’s world, Venus is more a representation of the powerful influence women and their haunting beauty exert over our society. Women serve as a source of inspiration and admiration, but also take on strong leadership roles as they seek to build a more harmonious world.


I created this image, Venus as the embodiment of feminine beauty that isn’t just skin deep. It is that energy we hold that when unleashed can mesmerize, influence and assist us in creating a kinder world. Through our strength, grace and charm we can change this place and eliminate the negativity which plagues our society and releases all the world’s ills into our midst.

We and our children have lived through the wars and miseries we didn’t create. Now, it is time for us to exert our influence, our inner Venus and bring back some sanity and integrity … to recreate within all of society the nurturing environment we once limited to our homes.


A prodigy artist from a young age, Julia Watkins is best known as the founder of the Energism Art Movement, a style of art and concept where artists created art designed to help one connect to positive metaphysical energy and achieve higher levels of consciousness through art. Her paintings are in the collections of Deepak Chopra, Carnegie Mellon and Children's hospital.

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