Image of Aspen Dancer - Spirit Of The Trees - Original Energy Painting
  • Image of Aspen Dancer - Spirit Of The Trees - Original Energy Painting

Aspen Dancer - Spirit Of The Trees - Original Energy Painting


A warm gentle breeze rustles the fall leaves and magically, one of the trees takes human form and begins to dance. She sways and spirals through the golden forest, surrounded by energy orbs … a beautiful being you always sensed was there but only glimpsed out of the corner of an eye.

Why she chose to reveal herself to you now, to show you there is far more than can be seen, to tell you that you are a special being, you will never fully understand. But you have somehow been transformed, in ways it will take years to understand, and your afternoon walks will never be the same.

From The Artist

On my forest walks, I always sense there is life, energy and spirit among the trees, especially in the golden aspens that are known to “quake” shimmer and rustle in the wind. They have this mesmerizing movement and sound that makes them appear alive. Many visit Colorado in the fall to experience this beautiful phenomenon.

In my mind’s eye and in dreams after my walks, I’ve seen the aspens quake so strongly that they turn to beautiful female dancers, releasing from tree form to float and turn in the breeze. I believe my visions are of spirits or Dryads as they were known to the Greeks. They are energy elements that take human form to show us the way to freeing our souls, to embrace the light and energies we knew so well before birth. In creating Aspen Dancer I sought to capture and emit the metaphysical presence of this moment.

Available Originals

We are offering beautiful original mixed media paintings, created by Energy Artist Julia Watkins with a proprietary process on metal using fired resins, paints, glass paints and pigments. This media gives these paintings a dazzling jewel-like quality that is stunning to look upon. The energies they emit are incredibly powerful. One of these paintings will change the nature of the energy in a room and your entire home. The artist will also customize the piece for your particular energies at no additional charge. Size 32" x 32" inches.

You can get it by clicking "Add To Cart" above, by emailing us at or by calling the artist directly at 303-915-2611.

More Info - Are They Real?

In Greek mythology, Dryads are (mostly female) nature deities known to inhabit specific locations or forms, to personify the metaphysical energies of the tree or tree type they are identified with. They represent the pure energy of the thing. This idea of the spirit of a thing having sentient powers is not unique to the Greeks and can be found in all cultures.

Some say these beings were real, that they once actually walked among us, while others say they still do and that we have just lost touch with nature and no longer know how to see them. To this day some of the older Greeks who live in the country and close to nature still claim to regularly see them.

Likewise, many Europeans believe strongly in “faerie folk” while certain aspects of “Kami” in the Japanese Shinto faith point to real and sentient nature deities.

Regardless, it seems the closer one lives to nature the stronger the ties to the energies of these beings. The resurgence of new age and metaphysical understanding has made this all the more real as individuals reconnect to the spirit of the land. The painting "Aspen Dancer" calls us back to our roots, to the spirituality we once found in nature.

About The Artist

A prodigy artist who entered art school and began taking graduate level classes at 16, Julia Watkins is best known as the founder of the Energism Art Movement, a style of art and concept where artists created art designed to help one connect to positive metaphysical energy and achieve higher levels of consciousness through art.

Her paintings are in the collections of Deepak Chopra, Carnegie Mellon and Children's hospital. For more information visit the Julia Watkins Website at or to see what others are saying visit her Energy Artist Julia Facebook Fanpage.


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Please Note: Like many of the artists before her, Energy Artist Julia will create more than one original painting using the same or similar composition and underpainting, especially in the early stages as she completes a number of studies. Each finished painting while similar, is discernible from the rest and is considered to be an original piece of artwork.